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Ishmael Muscat

5th in my First (Mini) Triathlon

I competed in my first real (Mini) Triathlon yesterday. The race consisted of a 250m swim, an 8Km Mountain Bike cycle and a 2Km run.

I was doing well in the swim until after around 100m it seemed like I was going nowhere. I eventually made it to the large buoy, turned around and swam back (against the current). I was 6th (from 10 starters and 10 finishers) coming out of the sea.

The feelings contrasted to last year were totally different. Whereas last year I was totally dizzy climbing out of the sea, this year I was focused and calm.

I put my mountain bike shoes on, ran towards my mountain bike, put my helmet on and set off. After 2.5Km of the 8Km cycle, I managed to move up to 5th (I come from a mountain bike racing and cycling background) and by the time the cycle was coming to an end I felt that the guy in 4th was not far ahead.
I started the run and kept a good pace until the end. My calves felt like exploding after the cycle and my heart was throbbing so fast I feared the worst! I managed to finish 5th from 10 competitors in my first (Mini) Triathlon race with a time of 32 minutes 15 seconds.

Even more positive was that the top 4 finished around 3 minutes ahead of me, keeping in mind that I only trained swimming and running twice each in the past couple of weeks!

I had done the same race last year but I was a total flop in the sea, fell off my mountain bike after 50 metres & was untrained in the run. Topping all this, I guess I was also overtrained and stressed out a year ago.

I really admire triathletes, even more so, those who do Ironmans, as it’s really tough!
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