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flint proofing tyres?

Hey guys I've just started a training program for a double olympic distance triathlon, and have been doing a few long cycle rides before hand. (When I say long I mean 30-40 miles, nothing crazy yet :P) My bikes a rescued one but is running smoothly, touch wood. Problem is I suffer from punctures really bad. Especially due to the amount of flint around my area on the road sides. I mean in my last 40 mile ride I had 3 punctures in the space of the first 6km (all on the back tyre!) that I had to fix roadside. Luckily I didn't have any more on that journey! So yeah, my question is what is your puncture protection advice? Do you use slime, or have you guys found good tyres that seem puncture proof, or at least help to avoid them? (I'm using racing tyres, 700 by 23c on my back tyre, and a funky 27 by 1 1/4 on the front. I told you it was a rescue :P Have yet to get matching wheels :P)

Cheers in advance for any advice :)

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